soapallOur handmade soap is made using fresh goats milk from our small herd of British Guernsey goats. This gives our soap wonderful moisturising properties and a beautiful creamy lather, suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Only natural ingredients are used, with pure essential oils added at the end of the saponification process to give the soap a light fragrance and specific beneficial properties.

Last year we were getting up to 6 pints a day from each of our milking goats. I was making soft cheeses daily, a couple of hard cheeses a week, yoghurt and as much rice pudding as we could handle, but we were still overflowing with milk. When I found out you could make soap using milk I had to try it, a mixture of chemistry and cooking to produce a soap that was so different from anything I had used before.

It took lots of research and some trial and error to get the recipe for my goat’s milk soaps just how I wanted it. For me soap needs to be gentle but effective, to produce a good lather and also be long lasting. When I was happy with the base recipe I then added my favourite essential oils and natural ingredients to form the range of soaps I have today. All my recipes have been tested through a cosmetic safety assessment.

The best soaps are made using the cold process method – this involves mixing natural oils with an alkali mixture called lye, this included fresh goat’s milk from our goats. A saponification process takes place where the alkali mixture is neutralised and the soap starts to set. At this point it is poured into individual moulds and left to set overnight. The next day they are turned out and left to cure for at least a month to produce a mild, gentle and long lasting bar.

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